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Saturday, 28 July 2012

28th July 2012

Hello, sorry it's been a while since my last blog. There has been a bit of a delay regarding the book being published but hopefully it will get going shortly and  it will be in your hot little hands before Christmas.

But before we go any further I would like to introduce my book to you and tell you a little about it. This is what is planned to go on the back cover of the book:

Down in the depths of the Cellar at Fowesby Hall there lies a secret . . . a doorway to ancient worlds. These lands and all its strange and wonderful inhabitants are threatened by a simple mistake caused by Emma and Grace’s Gran.
     The girls soon discover the fate of the ancient land of Crete rests in their hands and they are thrust onto a journey, along with Robert, Herman and his purple dog Ceber; a perilous quest full of magic, mythical beasts and unexpected twists. Will they be able to conquer the challenges that lie ahead and find what they seek, before it is too late? . . .
     Join Emma, Grace and their friend’s in the first book of this epic tale of mystery and suspense that takes themes from some of the greatest legends of the world.

And here are some of my main characters as I see them (please excuse the drawings as I'm not a professional)

Emma and Grace

The two main characters of the book are Emma and Grace who are sisters. They are very different in their personalities: Emma is quite sporty, outgoing with a quick wit and a dry sense of humour, whereas Grace on the other hand is a lot quieter, loves her books and is very studious and is extremely knowledgeable about most things (especially history). Despite being so different and a five year age gap (Emma being the eldest and thirteen years old) they are very close.


Robert is the cooks son and is a few months older than Emma. 
He lives with his mum (Sheila) at Fowesby Hall on Gran's estate.
At first, Robert appears to the girls to be, as Emma puts it, an arrogant no-it-all. But he has many sides to his personality and although he has a sarcastic side, especially towards Emma, it is to hide his inner feelings he considers weak.


Sheila is the cook at Fowesby Hall and with her warm friendly manner she is well thought of by Gran and the rest of the family.

Gran (Pearl)

Gran is Emma and Grace's only grandparent on their mothers side. 
She adores her family but her adventurous nature and her inability to grow up gets her into trouble sometimes and is deeply frowned upon by her daughter Meg.

Mum (Meg)

Mum, although deep down has a fun side to her, she rarely lets down her guard. Always sensible and her practical ways developed over time after years of living with her mum (Gran) as she saw it as a necessity. Well, someone had to act like an adult, she thought.
However, Mum loves her family and the rift between her and Gran, over the loss of her husband, devastates her deeply.

Dad (Will)

Emma and Grace idolise their Dad and are deeply distraught when he is killed by a gas explosion down in Grans Cellar.

Herman and Olga

Herman and Olga live in the little cottage on the Fowesby estate grounds. They have not only  been Gran's gardener and housekeeper for many years but they are loyal and true friends to her, and once Gran's beloved husband Bill.  


Ceber is Herman and Olga's strange-looking, purple-coloured dog. He has been with them for a few years now and never leaves Herman's side.



Iris, is a messenger from the Gods. She is the first magical character you will meet in this book.
She talks in riddle so most of the time her words must be deciphered before they can continue their journey.

I hope you find the book blurb and info about the characters interesting and would like to find out more. 
Well, believe me when I say, there is a whole lot more to come, so stay with me and find out what comes next :)

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