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Friday, 4 May 2018

Meet the Globe Guisers

I must say, natural elements of the Earth have always interested me and digging further into it I was even more intrigued to find out in the philosophy of the seven Chakras there are correspondences to the five elements, as shared by both Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as two other elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Time, Light and Dark. And as a writer and story-teller I felt at liberty to invent a few extra characters for my Crystal waters Series.
If you have been following my book series you will have already been introduced to them, but what you may not have realised is just how much background research and character development goes into every dramatis personae.

Of course, a lot of this information does not even make it into the books, but as an author, and a stickler for detail, it makes my characters whole and considerably real in my mind, and hopefully the reader then after.
Well, onward and upward with Book Seven (Crystal Waters Last Trip to South America). I will now immerse myself into all that lovely research, and you never know, there may be more characters developing from the depths of my creative brain :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Book Six is Here at Last

At long last, after many delays, book six - Crystal Waters An Adventure in Asia is finally here.
Only six months delay, but I'm sure it is well worth the wait :)
Crystal Waters An Adventure in Asia is, as usual, available to buy from Amazon in paperback and kindle format.


Sunday, 10 September 2017

Book Series Revealed

As we wait for the new book to arrive I thought I would let you in on some of my research and back plots that go on behind the scenes. Here are some of my notes (totally in the raw and unedited) for you to check out. Spoiler alert! If you haven't read Book Three (Crystal Waters Next Stop Antarctica) you may not want to read on, so I can safely say that you have been well and truly warned :)

Gateway History
·         Atlas and Pleione (Robert’s grandparents) were from Venus and had an idea to come to Earth to make it a better place. They built the city of Atlantis and when they were finished they discovered the secrets of the time-travelling gateway to the ancient worlds. They submerged Atlantis Hundreds of feet under the ice of Antarctica encased with a magic shield.
·         They found by using the Auroras; shimmering curtains of light around Antarctica, and magic crystals - each founded in the countries earth, it connected from each country to Antarctica. These channels pushed forward their magic to the doorways, and if the owner of these doorways had the right Crystal and a key (any shiny household object e.g. mirror, silver teapot, goblets, cutlery, bottles, crystal balls) they would be able to time travel. They allocated gate-keepers for each one around the globe.
·         Atlas and Pleione had seven daughters: Maia, Electra, Taygete, Alcyone, Celaeno, Sterope and Merope.
·         Over the years Pleione got greedy and wanted more power and she eventually became evil. Things turned nasty between her and her husband Atlas.
·         Atlas turned against Pleione when he found out her true intentions: to rule over the countries with a rod of iron. All the evil people in the world she moulded into her way of thinking, Hitler – thinking he was making a purer race, Jack the ripper – ridding the world of the lowlifes in the world etc.
·         A bloody battle was fought. Pleione’s army against Atlas’ army. Pleione’s army won and Atlas was killed and six of their daughters were imprisoned in an ice-tomb in the depths of the Atlantian city. Merope escaped.
·         Merope met Plato and they had a baby boy – Sisyphus. Pleione and her army found the couple and Merope and Plato escaped yet again, but to their horror Pleione captured their son Sisyphus and brought him up as her own.
·         When Sisyphus became a man he met and married Sheila. They had a baby boy – Robert.
·         Pleione corrupted the mind of her son with her evil ways. And after she dies Sisyphus moves away from his wife and son and is made King of Atlantis.
·         But the city is now threatened; because of his greedy manner and attitude towards life, which goes against everything Venus/Atlantis represents, as Venus is normally a place of harmony, balance, sincerity, love and truth. The Venurans are good at delicate diplomacy when dealing with sensitive matters. Their race has enlightenment and is in connection with the spiritual world. Venurans also administer compassion and consciously choose forgiveness in a situation. And because the gatekeeper (Pleione and then Sisyphus) caused a rift in the whole time-travel scheme Atlantis started to slowly die and the shield of protection was slowly melting away, but they were both too pig-headed to see it.
Sisyphus (Robert’s dad) thinks he can save his world by sacrificing Robert.  He has found that by using numerology Roberts’ birthday and age is significant to the cause. Robert is born 24th January 2+4 make 6. The symbolism behind number six is legend: With Venus as its ruler six represents harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth, six naturally reveals solutions for us in calm, unfolding manner. And connecting Robert to the machine he has built, deep in the ice caves of Atlantis, will restore Atlantis to its former glory.
And so, with that left with you to tantalise the taste buds, I better be off and get on with my writing. Book Six is way behind schedule and as I keep telling myself, 'it won't write itself!', so ta-ta for now xx

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Slow on the Update

Has another six months passed and I haven't written a blog? It can't be! Well, being April 2017 and my last entry was October 2016, I can definitely say that it is.
So, what has been happening? *Scratches chin (that's a scratch on the chin to decide what to tell you first, not for of a lack of things I've done.)

I should first let you know that just before Christmas I published Book 5: Crystal Waters To Australasia and Beyond. I really didn't think I was going to make it, but it pulled together all in the nick of time. Lots of Christmas sales and lots of smiley faces (especially mine).
Secondly, I must say this malarkey of trying to do everything myself is proving rather difficult. Not only am I plotting, planning and writing the books, designing the covers and chapter drawings I'm trying to promote my books too. I've still a lot to learn regarding marketing my books and each day seems to throw a new challenge at me. Like, how do I build a platform for myself and my books and get them where they will be seen the most. I think I've exhausted Facebook and Twitter, there's only so many times you can plug your book to your family and friends, and although I have a Facebook page with a 1000 likes from new faces, it still doesn't seem to drive in the sales. Yes, an ongoing problem that only an agent or traditional publisher can solve. They have the right connections, see. Ah, well, maybe one day, eh?
Another thing I have been doing is getting out and about a lot more. No, I don't mean partying with my friends. I mean getting out and doing book signing and market stalls. I love it when I actually talk to real people, rather than just sitting there behind my computer screen hoping that someone out there is actually listening. The reward of meeting returning customers who love your books is like no other and it really does give me a buzz for days. That's what it's all about, isn't it? Creating stories, that have only been in your head for ages, sharing them and getting positive feedback. Just amazing!

On my stall, I must say, as if I'm not busy enough, I not only sell my books. I also create book inspired charms and crafts. You can check them all out on my website: www.crystalwatersmagic.com Another thing I've been working on. (Busy bee, me).
Anyway, for fear of waffling on too long. I must finish and put my tapping fingers to better use; get on with writing Book Six in the series. As I said earlier, it's April already and I'm way behind schedule already. Only the second chapter in. But at least all the planning's done and a wonderful book cover, created by the very talented Mike Wood (a local artist). What do you think?
Toodle-pip for now folks. See you soon ... or in six months. You never know :)


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Nearly there!

Yet again, I must apologise for not writing sooner, but, you may forgive me as I have wonderful news: Book five, 'Crystal Waters To Australasia and Beyond', is finally complete and is at the editors as I write this blog. And so, providing my editor doesn't come back with major changes, I'm so happy to say it'll be definitely out for Christmas, yey!

So, jumping right in there, I thought I'd show you the back cover and the blurb to tickle your taste buds.
I must say I really loved writing this book. As usual the research into all the history and mythology that this new continent has to offer has just been wonderful. Of course, anyone knowing their ancient folklore may recognise some of the creatures I have used within this story, but will see that I have tweaked them a little to breathe a little life into them.
Hour after hour I spent reading New Zealand's legends, poring over maps and watching YouTube documentaries, and I found that New Zealand is still quite a mystery when it comes to ancient history. The Maori's freely admit that they were not the first to discover New Zealand 700 years ago. There were signs of life when they arrived, and many stories say that the ones who lived there before were either blonde or red hair, but both with very pale skin.
With these thoughts in mind, I felt at liberty to make two of my stories about these strange white tribes, who have mysteriously disappeared through our time. There is still so much intrigue with the hidden ancient tribal villages, which date back way before the Maori's came. I love mystery, and as you know this is such a tantalising hook for any writer, when a place has a history that no one can explain. So, there you have it, my imagination ran wild again and made a terrific story in the end, but don't take my word for it, look out for it in the next month or so and read it for yourself. I will keep you all posted. I promise :)

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Where does the time go?

Is it April already? Where did three and a half months go? It's quite scary really.
And so, you may well be asking what the devil have I been up to? Well, in all honesty I've been quite busy, with not only planning my next book, which I'm sad to say has only progressed with one chapter written, but I've opened up my own Ety and Folksy jewellery shop online.
'What!' I hear you cry. 'But you're an author! What has that got to do with writing?'
I'll tell you now, my friends, it has everything to do with my books.
My new business: Crystal Waters Magic are book inspired crafts, you see. Each and every bottle charm that I make are created with my books in mind.

Here, let me show you:

For example, one of my first bottle charms I made was a frog spawn charm. This is, of course , if you have read book one in the series inspired by the storyline where Emma and Grace find frog spawn at the back of Fowesby Hall in a little pond.
My charms come, when purchased, in a little bag with information about my book series and a beautiful scroll, made by a talented crafter: https://www.facebook.com/JuliesCardCupboard/?fref=ts which gives you a little info about the bottle contents and where it relates to in the book.
The Frog Spawn Charms: The frog spawn and their evolving concept (frog spawn, tadpoles to frogs) was the first initial thought when crafting the series and how things are created (the monsters in book one evolve from the DNA in Gran's hairbrush).
Julie has made scrolls for the next lot of bottle charms too, which of course has to be Crystals, a bit of a give away in the book series title.
As my readers know, each country they travel to, to ancient times, has its very own Crystal.
In book one: Crystal Waters It Began in Europe, the children travel to ancient Crete. The Crystal for Crete is a Selenite Crystal. Book two, they go to ancient Canada (North American Continent) and the Crystal for this country is an Amethyst. Book three, the Angelite Crystal represents ancient Antarctica and book four, a Rose Quartz, they go to Egypt in the Continent of Africa.

My books and my charms are now available to buy at my Etsy and Folksy online shops: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CrystalWatersMagic 
So, back to my books, where am I now in the series? Well, book five is well under way, and although only one chapter is written, I have the whole book planned out thoroughly enough that when I do come to write it I know exactly where I'm headed. My aim is to get book five: Crystal Waters To Australia and Beyond, out before Christmas this year.

Anyway folks, it's time to get back to the grind stone. My book won't write itself will it?
See you all soon :) 

Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year, New Book

Well, it's nearly 2016, which means of course it's time to put behind me the festivities of Christmas, not to mention all the mince pies I've eaten (gasp!) and knuckle down to some serious research for book five. Perhaps a stroll to the park with a book and my notepad will be in order.
As many authors, who delve into history, will say; all reputable novels are backed up with research and so I thought I'd take this opportunity to show you how my mind works and where I get my facts and inspiration from when starting a book.

I must admit, I can get totally immersed in, not only the chapter plotting and building the skeleton of the book, but when it comes to fleshing it out the research can take you down completely new paths that you thought you would never go.
The first books I usually turn to when I'm researching are mythology and legends on the area I have chosen to write about. And because each of my books focus on one continent at a time, I have real fun fine tuning all the wonderful folklore of the countries involved.
My first book, Crystal Waters It Began in Europe, goes back to Minoan times of ancient Crete, and as many people know who have studied Greek mythology, it was written in a quite brutal fashion with Gods having affairs left, right and centre with mortals and often eating their offspring. I decided, because I don't want to scare away my young audience, to tone it down a tad. I still wanted to capture the excitement and the moral story behind them, but tweak it enough that it not only fits into my story well, but it won't mentally scar any child who reads them.  
With my time era in my book chosen, in book one's case it was The Bronze Age in ancient Crete, I turn to the books to study their way of life: what they ate, how they lived, what they wore, what religion they followed, and so on. I even research some of the ancient languages. This mind set helps me focus on the roles of my characters and how they would react and what they do.
I also look in to what weaponry they used at that time and what beasts they were to slay. Some of the creatures I have chosen for book one will seem familiar, such as the Pigasos, Minotavros and Medousa, although I have changed their name slightly for this is how the Greeks pronounce them. Some creatures are new, however, and are my own creation like the Firefish and the Gloop monster of the swamp. Perhaps not that original, but I didn't want to overshadow the true myths.
Of course I then look at routes and how my characters get to their destination. So after they step through the magical doorway in Gran's Cellar (Fowesby Hall, Middlesbrough) they then travel along the great waterways of the world in carefully selected boats of the time (further research). I then add a little more to this fun mix, and as they sail along they travel back in time, which means checking on what they see outside the boat. For instance, as they travel down the River Ouse (book one) they pass through the City of York, which turns into the Victorian era. I am really quite fanatical, as is my editor, in keeping my facts right and even go to the lengths of drawing myself up a chart to keep me on the right track. Here's a peak behind the scenes.

Route - Middlesbrough – Crete (Book One) 

1, 9am
Ormesby Beck
Present day-1910
River Tees (Middlesbrough)
River Tees (Yarm)
4, 10am
River Tees Sock burn Hall or Moulton Hall
2.Edwardian 1910-1901
(Floats to) Langton Upon Swale
River Swale (Joins River Ure)
7, 11pm
River Swale becomes River Ouse
3. Victorian 1901-1836
River Ouse (York)
Trent Falls (near Faxfleet)
10, 12pm
River Trent (Trent Lock meets River Soar)
4. Georgians 1836-1714
11, 1pm
River Soar
5. Stuarts 1714-1603
River Soar (Ratcliffe On Soar)
River Soar (Leicester)
Grand Union Canal
G.U.C Hertfordshire (Kings Langley, Watford & Cassiobury Park)
G.U.C Middlesex (Uxbridge, West Drayton, Hayes & Brentford)
17, 2pm
River Thames (Kew Gardens, Westminster, Tower of London, Greenwich)
6. Tudors 1603-1558
18, 3pm
Into North Sea at Graves End (Margate)
7. Middle Ages 1400-1200
19, 4pm
North Sea Heading South
8. Normans 1200-1066
Across the Channel
21, 5pm
The River Rhine (Strasbourg, Borders of France)
9.Vikings 1066-800
22, 6pm
The Danube River (Ulm-Germany)
10. Anglo Saxons 800-410AD
The Danube River (into Austria)
24, 7pm
The Danube River (Linz, Vienna, Bratislava, Borders of Slovakia & Hungry)
11.Romans 410-43AD
The Danube River (Budapest Hungry)
The Danube River (into Croatia)
27, 8pm
The Danube River (into Serbia & Montenegro)
12. Iron Age 43AD-500BC
The Danube River (Belgrade, Borders of Romania & Bulgaria)
The Drina River (between Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
The Drina River (Dinaric Alps)
Into the Adriatic Sea
32, 9pm
Into the Mediterranean Sea to Crete
13. Bronze Age 500-2100BC

 This is further enhanced by visual aids I get from the internet.

My research for further books, which I won't go into now as this blog will be far too long, was exactly the same process: Book Two - Crystal Waters and on to North America, took me to ancient Canada where we meet Native American Indians. Book Three - Crystal Waters Next Stop Antarctica, was quite a pinnacle point of the series, where we find out the history behind the gateway and where all things began in the universe. And book four, Crystal Waters Onward Bound to Africa, takes us back to the times of Tutankhamun and the history along the River Nile. 
So as you can see, there are weeks of fabulous research ahead of me, which I must add I am going to revel in. This time I'm going to New Zealand, to the continent of Australia and I'll be researching ancient Maori tribes. 
Well then, all there is left to say is, see you in a month or so when my brain will be swimming with wonderful new ideas and all ready to start my next book. Ta ta for now :)