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intention; to capture an honest and heartfelt progression-log of my life, as a writer.
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Monday, 13 August 2012


I have spoken to many a writer in my time and discovered that every one of them likes to draw from outside influences while writing. Whether it be: a busy cafe, atmospheric music or pictures.

Personally, I prefer the latter two. I like no distractions while I write, apart from the music flowing from my headphones and a browse on the internet for images that matches my minds eye.

So, I thought I would share a few with you and give you a few paragraphs from my book alongside so you can see the world through my eyes.

     Mum led Emma and Grace down past the dining room and up the sweeping circular staircase. Emma remembered the way to Gran’s bedroom well, although she had to admit it all looked so much smaller since she had last seen it. She looked at the familiar deep carvings in the wooden banister of strange creatures of Dragons, Phoenix, Unicorns, winged horses, Chimairas, Centaurs and Faeries.These carvings were echoed throughout the house on the furniture and the dark wood-paneled walls. Ancestral portraits in their heavy gilded frames adorned the walls. The eyes in these paintings seemed to follow them as they ascended the two sets of stairs to the second floor and along the long hallway.
Gran’s bedroom was huge. Warm sunlight flooded in through three large, floor-to-ceiling windows, all decorated with rich floral curtains with swags and tails. The polished parquet floors were enhanced with heavy Persian rugs. Through an arched open doorway was a huge four-poster bed and carved onto the large wooden headboard was a magnificent peacock. Under this, propped up by big feather pillows was a frail old woman. The girls didn’t recognize their Gran at first. She smiled and held out her long skinny arms to them, beckoning to them to come to her. The girls went over and kissed her gently in turn on her cheek. Her face was so gaunt it looked like her teeth were too big for her face.

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