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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Book Launch

Catching up with my blog over the holiday season, with all the Christmas preparations and entertaining family, has proven almost impossible. But as the saying goes; better late than never.

My book launch, on the 11th December at my daughters school, although rather hectic, went really well.

The idea of having my launch immediately after the Christmas play was initially a good one; having an audience already seated. But even with all the preparations there were still a few hitches with setting up; the microphone wouldn't work and the music and slide show I had prepared earlier just wasn't playing.

As the audience grew restless, people started to leave!! Drastic actions had to me taken; I quickly ran on stage and tried to project my voice out so everyone could hear clearly. Not an easy task for a quietly spoken person with a large bag of nerves to go with it, I can tell you.
Fortunately, a few sentences in, the lovely teachers got the mic working and my music/slide show started to work. Hoorah!


My little talk went well and although my nerves made me use my prompt script more often than I would have liked, I think it came out well and even received a few litter titters amongst the audience at my little joke I'd inserted in there.

After my speech my pre-recorded chapter was played, which gave me time to sign a few books and the kids could grab some refreshments; purple iced cakes and biscuits and purple coloured drinks (Ceber would have been so proud).
I also gave a quick interview with a local radio station, which went really well and when I had finished I came back to a queue of people wanting to buy my books :)


My husband, Dave, and my lovely friends, Debbie and Chris, helped me so much; Dave taking payments and the girls handing out the cakes. I later discovered that the girls had ran around the playground outside handing out my order forms; brilliant!

And so we have it, my very first book launch, which I thought went brilliantly.  Fantastic support from my family and friends and together I think we drummed up quite a bit of interest in others.
I must admit if we iron out a few glitches that occurred in this book launch, I think my next one will be even better than this, and that, my friends, is saying something :)

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