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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Learning as I go

I have read many blogs, from other writers, saying that many writers are a little too hasty when trying to get their first book published. This of course leads to mistakes being made and accepting second best. Resulting in; what would have been, a great book, into a mediocre one.
I must admit; when I'm wrapped up in my story and then the yearn in wanting getting my book out there quickly, I have been guilty of this.
I think sometimes when you are so close to something, it is hard to see glaringly obvious errors, that stand-out like a sore thumb, when you do finally step back and look at the wider picture.
Of course, I won't beat myself up too much about them. But what I will do, however is learn by them and hopefully won't repeat them in my next book.
I did receive a few five star reviews on Amazon, for my book: Crystal Waters It Began in Europe, which was very encouraging. However, the one bad review really hurt me. All the preparation, research and hard work over the years of writing the book were just shot down in flames in a few mere words. The pen is mightier than the sword comes to mind. I was so distraught at first I thought; well that's it! I won't write anymore, if I'm making such a fool of myself. But kind words of encouragement from other fellow writers and friends made me take another view point on this: I could either accept defeat and curl up and hide away, never to be seen or heard from again or I could pick myself up and learn from it. I decided to do the latter.
So here is my new amended book, mistakes hopefully now removed and a shiny new cover to go along with it.


I think it must be said: I love writing, creating stories and retelling them, in such a way, that for a little time while a reader is reading them, they can truly escape into another world - my world.
And so my conclusion is: I know my book won't please everyone, that's just the way life is, but if it brings a little happiness to many others then surely I'm on the right track, right? :)

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