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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Book two now published

Wow! where does the time go? Is it nearly September already?
Yet again I must apologise for not writing a blog sooner, but I suppose in my defence I have been rather busy finishing off book two in the Crystal Waters Series.
On that lovely note, I would like to announce . . . (drum roll please) . . . Crystal Waters And on to North America.
This book, I must say was a real pleasure to write. With plot lines and characters developing nicely, there are quite a few surprises in there, that I'm sure will draw you in.
As a author I do feel my writing is getting stronger every time I put pen to paper, or in my case, fingertips to the keyboard. I am learning so much along this wonderful, magical journey that I'm sure by the time the last book in the series (book seven) is written, you will be well and truly captured into the story I want to tell. Here's hoping, anyway. 
Well, with that said, I'm sure you would like to know a little about the book. Here is the back cover and blurb to give you a brief description:
This journey, like the book before it, has been well researched with old traditions, (in North America) history and old legends mixed in for good measure. I think it must be said I love the researching part just as much as I enjoy writing the story. The Internet is a great place for this and I came across some great pages with interesting reads. The Algonquin tribes has heavily influenced this book throughout and I hope I have represented these wonderful, peaceful people that still keep up their old traditions and beliefs in Canada to this day.
The Algonquin Provincial Park was the map I was studying, and have recreated my own maps for the book. And although the names of lakes and areas, within the park, are the same I have heavily adapted them to fit into my fictional tale I wanted to portray. I just hope that I have done this beautiful place justice within my writings. So all I can say  now is: you've got to read it to find out.
Well, I hope you enjoy my second book, and thanks again for all your fabulous support, I can't tell you just how much it means to me :) Remember, all comments are most welcome.

It will be available on Kindle, Amazon and other online stores very soon.

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