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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Creating the Audio Book

With Audio Book sales on the increase and becoming extremely popular, because of our fast pace life most of us lead, I thought it was time to look into the Audio Book Production World and start the process of transforming my books into audio format.
   Although I have an absolute passion for reading, and always have a few books on the go at a time, I must admit I love listening to audio books. It's such a great way to make the hum-drum of household chores and the monotony of long car journeys all the more better. Or even just a time to relax, close your eyes and drift into another world. I've listened to many, in my time, with always the same result; to find yet another magical way of truly getting into the stories I love. 
   An audio book can breathe life into a book, bringing out some wonderful character accents and transforming them into an almost 3D image for the mind.

   Of course, looking into Audio Books, I found, requires quite a lot of research; studying web companies who offer their services to transform your book into audio, such as ACX, Audible UK, Audio book Producer and CDBaby.com. For all of them I ask the same questions: 
  • How much it would cost to set up, 
  • What it all involves 
  • And most of all asking where they supply to and the demand for them.
   The former query - How much it would cost to set it up - varied from company to company. But the main thing to ask would be; are you getting a good deal for your money. Most offered different packages - whether you did the recording yourself or hired one of their narrators to read the book for you. 
   To do it yourself was so much cheaper. And when I say do it myself I don't mean I personally recorded reading it. I maybe a writer and know my book inside and out, but to narrate it I knew required skill - a skill in which I certainly don't have. And so I managed to find, through my Facebook friends, an actress who has started to work on it and I must say I'm truly over the moon with the results so far.
   Mel Hayward is a British actress from Cornwall. She has worked on many films, acting, and performed audio broadcasts for newsreader roles and  has a wonderful singing voice. She can adapt to all kinds of accents and can throw herself into any role, which is great for the mixed-bunch of characters I have in my books.
   I feel with Mel narrating my books it has given them a new dimension and have really opened up a new way to enjoy them. 
   Here is her link for you see this talented lady for yourself: http://www.starnow.co.uk/melhayward 

A sneak Peak: 

   Just as a treat I thought I'd let you listen to the first chapter of Book One: Crystal Waters It Began in Europe. So kick off your shoes, make yourself a nice steamy mug of your favourite hot beverage and enjoy :)

   To answer the next questions on my list I will have to cover it in a second blog. But I will keep you posted on my progress and how things fall into place Fingers crossed it's all smooth sailing after a fantastic start. 
So until next ta ta for now :)

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