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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Book Series Revealed

As we wait for the new book to arrive I thought I would let you in on some of my research and back plots that go on behind the scenes. Here are some of my notes (totally in the raw and unedited) for you to check out. Spoiler alert! If you haven't read Book Three (Crystal Waters Next Stop Antarctica) you may not want to read on, so I can safely say that you have been well and truly warned :)

Gateway History
·         Atlas and Pleione (Robert’s grandparents) were from Venus and had an idea to come to Earth to make it a better place. They built the city of Atlantis and when they were finished they discovered the secrets of the time-travelling gateway to the ancient worlds. They submerged Atlantis Hundreds of feet under the ice of Antarctica encased with a magic shield.
·         They found by using the Auroras; shimmering curtains of light around Antarctica, and magic crystals - each founded in the countries earth, it connected from each country to Antarctica. These channels pushed forward their magic to the doorways, and if the owner of these doorways had the right Crystal and a key (any shiny household object e.g. mirror, silver teapot, goblets, cutlery, bottles, crystal balls) they would be able to time travel. They allocated gate-keepers for each one around the globe.
·         Atlas and Pleione had seven daughters: Maia, Electra, Taygete, Alcyone, Celaeno, Sterope and Merope.
·         Over the years Pleione got greedy and wanted more power and she eventually became evil. Things turned nasty between her and her husband Atlas.
·         Atlas turned against Pleione when he found out her true intentions: to rule over the countries with a rod of iron. All the evil people in the world she moulded into her way of thinking, Hitler – thinking he was making a purer race, Jack the ripper – ridding the world of the lowlifes in the world etc.
·         A bloody battle was fought. Pleione’s army against Atlas’ army. Pleione’s army won and Atlas was killed and six of their daughters were imprisoned in an ice-tomb in the depths of the Atlantian city. Merope escaped.
·         Merope met Plato and they had a baby boy – Sisyphus. Pleione and her army found the couple and Merope and Plato escaped yet again, but to their horror Pleione captured their son Sisyphus and brought him up as her own.
·         When Sisyphus became a man he met and married Sheila. They had a baby boy – Robert.
·         Pleione corrupted the mind of her son with her evil ways. And after she dies Sisyphus moves away from his wife and son and is made King of Atlantis.
·         But the city is now threatened; because of his greedy manner and attitude towards life, which goes against everything Venus/Atlantis represents, as Venus is normally a place of harmony, balance, sincerity, love and truth. The Venurans are good at delicate diplomacy when dealing with sensitive matters. Their race has enlightenment and is in connection with the spiritual world. Venurans also administer compassion and consciously choose forgiveness in a situation. And because the gatekeeper (Pleione and then Sisyphus) caused a rift in the whole time-travel scheme Atlantis started to slowly die and the shield of protection was slowly melting away, but they were both too pig-headed to see it.
Sisyphus (Robert’s dad) thinks he can save his world by sacrificing Robert.  He has found that by using numerology Roberts’ birthday and age is significant to the cause. Robert is born 24th January 2+4 make 6. The symbolism behind number six is legend: With Venus as its ruler six represents harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth, six naturally reveals solutions for us in calm, unfolding manner. And connecting Robert to the machine he has built, deep in the ice caves of Atlantis, will restore Atlantis to its former glory.
And so, with that left with you to tantalise the taste buds, I better be off and get on with my writing. Book Six is way behind schedule and as I keep telling myself, 'it won't write itself!', so ta-ta for now xx

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