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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Slow on the Update

Has another six months passed and I haven't written a blog? It can't be! Well, being April 2017 and my last entry was October 2016, I can definitely say that it is.
So, what has been happening? *Scratches chin (that's a scratch on the chin to decide what to tell you first, not for of a lack of things I've done.)

I should first let you know that just before Christmas I published Book 5: Crystal Waters To Australasia and Beyond. I really didn't think I was going to make it, but it pulled together all in the nick of time. Lots of Christmas sales and lots of smiley faces (especially mine).
Secondly, I must say this malarkey of trying to do everything myself is proving rather difficult. Not only am I plotting, planning and writing the books, designing the covers and chapter drawings I'm trying to promote my books too. I've still a lot to learn regarding marketing my books and each day seems to throw a new challenge at me. Like, how do I build a platform for myself and my books and get them where they will be seen the most. I think I've exhausted Facebook and Twitter, there's only so many times you can plug your book to your family and friends, and although I have a Facebook page with a 1000 likes from new faces, it still doesn't seem to drive in the sales. Yes, an ongoing problem that only an agent or traditional publisher can solve. They have the right connections, see. Ah, well, maybe one day, eh?
Another thing I have been doing is getting out and about a lot more. No, I don't mean partying with my friends. I mean getting out and doing book signing and market stalls. I love it when I actually talk to real people, rather than just sitting there behind my computer screen hoping that someone out there is actually listening. The reward of meeting returning customers who love your books is like no other and it really does give me a buzz for days. That's what it's all about, isn't it? Creating stories, that have only been in your head for ages, sharing them and getting positive feedback. Just amazing!

On my stall, I must say, as if I'm not busy enough, I not only sell my books. I also create book inspired charms and crafts. You can check them all out on my website: www.crystalwatersmagic.com Another thing I've been working on. (Busy bee, me).
Anyway, for fear of waffling on too long. I must finish and put my tapping fingers to better use; get on with writing Book Six in the series. As I said earlier, it's April already and I'm way behind schedule already. Only the second chapter in. But at least all the planning's done and a wonderful book cover, created by the very talented Mike Wood (a local artist). What do you think?
Toodle-pip for now folks. See you soon ... or in six months. You never know :)


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