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Crystal Waters, but so you can get a taste of what
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My thoughts, idea's and feelings are poured lovely into, what I call, my diary for all to see.
I'm sure there will be many happy moments, emotional traumas and doubts, but it will all enhance my
intention; to capture an honest and heartfelt progression-log of my life, as a writer.
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Sunday, 19 August 2012

. . . a few more . . .


     The air seethed with heat, dust and quietness. The Lasithi Plain, the vast land that lay ahead was dry and very barren. No trees, water or any signs of life, nothing but crumbling rocks which had fallen in huge boulders and rubble from the orange cliffs. Emma knew this journey would be hard and extremely long. They peered down over the precipice across the land they were to now cross and saw in the distance their destination – Mount Leeket. And, perched high upon its summit was The Palace of Gournia looking dark and foreboding. The children looked at it with trepidation but they knew that they must go. They had to do it for the Gi-fyli who depended on them to set them free from their underground prison.
     Dad helped the girls as they started their descent. The ground beneath them was treacherous, for not only was it steep but the crumbling stones meant a firm footing was nearly impossible. Herman kept hold of Ceber’s collar as he was strong and used to the land and so Ceber was certainly in good hands. However, that didn’t stop him from letting out small yelps as his great paws slipped from underneath him, which sounded to Emma as if he was calling out ‘help’ every now and again in an almost human way.  Vellero and Pigasos flew high above their heads and looked out for danger. 
     Their progress was slow as the blistering heat beat down upon them and drained their energy and made them so thirsty.  They took small water breaks in between the painful trudging across the plain.
     Finally after many hours they reached the foot of Mount Leeket and the caves of Trapeza and Leektaion. These caves led to a huge labyrinth that lay underneath the Palace and this was their way in.

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