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I use these pages to not only promote my book series:
Crystal Waters, but so you can get a taste of what
really goes on behind the scence, so-to-speak.
My thoughts, idea's and feelings are poured lovely into, what I call, my diary for all to see.
I'm sure there will be many happy moments, emotional traumas and doubts, but it will all enhance my
intention; to capture an honest and heartfelt progression-log of my life, as a writer.
Hope you enjoy :) Any comments are most welcome.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Soon there was a light ahead through the trees and they all emerged into a beautiful meadow; the floor of the meadow was emblazoned with vivid red poppies with large toadstools dotted in-between them. The trees overhead arched inwards letting in through their branches a shimmering light that shone down in thin beams here and there. 
     On the far side of the meadow was a rock face that towered high above the trees and falling down its cliff was a thin waterfall that fell into a small gully. Butterflies fluttered around them and birds swooped down to catch bugs in their beaks. This was by far the most beautiful place they had ever seen.

The sun was now low in the sky as darkness pressed in. And yet, in this magical place it appeared to glow in its very own splendor. Fireflies filled the air and buzzed merrily above their heads. Herman was on the far side of the meadow with Perseas, busy shaving branches into sharp points with their knives to make spears and chatted merrily to each other. The children came over to join them.
     So it wasn’t just her that found peace and joy in this wonderful place thought Emma. As she sat down next to the men she noticed a firefly above their heads and it came closer to them. They all watched it as it slowly approached and as it did they saw it wasn’t a fly at all but a small, beautiful faerie. Her silver wings fluttered so fast it seemed they were hardly there at all. Her silky black hair cascaded down in soft curls around her pointy little face and around her pale bare shoulders. Her golden dress shimmered as she smiled warmly to them all.

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